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 photo MrAlanBabinecoutsideafteracceptingagoldenbeltforhishalloffameinduction.jpg
Mr. Al after accepting a Golden Belt for his Hall of Fame Induction

 photo GirlScouts-MrAlassistingthegirlswithearningtheirfitnessbadgeIfyouwouldlikeMrAltoassistyourtroopatyournexteventpleasecall440572-3113.jpg
Mr. Al assisting the Girl Scouts with earning their fitness badge

 photo AnthonyreceivedhisJrBlackBeltonAugust5th2006.jpg
After Anthony received his Junior Black Belt

 photo MrPlanasSeminar8-21-20101.jpg
Mr. Planas Instructor Seminar August 21st 2010

 photo March16th2013Seminar.jpg
Mr. Planas Instructor Seminar March 16th 2013

 photo Solon4.jpg
Mr. Al teaching Daycare kids how to block if a Stranger is trying to "grab their nose"

 photo BostonJanuary2015.jpg
Mr. Al doing a introductory lesson at the Karate studio

 photo MrAlataboyscoutsmeetingteachingthemalittlebitaboutkarateIfyouwouldlikeMrAltohelpoutatyournextboyscoutmeetingpleasecall440572-3113.jpg
Mr. Al at a Boy Scout meeting teaching them a little bit about Karate

 photo BullyPrevention-MrAlatalocalschoolteachingthekidsallaboutbullyawarenessandprevention.jpg
Mr. Al at a local school teaching the kids all about Bully Awareness and Prevention

 photo MrAlandMrPlanas1.jpg
Mr. Al with Richard "Huk" Planas, the Senior Grand Master of Kenpo Karate

 photo Novemeber2010MrPlanaspromotesJasonsFarnswothAlBabinecandJoshRyerto5thBlacks.jpg
November 2010 when Mr. Planas promoted Al Babinec, Jason Farnswoth, and Josh Ryer to 5th Degree Black Belt

 photo Hudson1-Focus.jpg
Mr. Al teaching Daycare kids about Stranger Danger

 photo Solon6.jpg
Mr. Al teaching Daycare children how to punch

 photo 9-24-14001Dane.jpg
Dane testing for his first set of stripes

 photo 9-24-14Collin.jpg
Collin doing techniques on Mr. Al to test for his next rank