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Parent's Night Out!
Our Karate Movie Nights are also known at Parent's Night Out. This is a night when parents and children both win! Whether you want an opportunity to treat yourself to some personal time to relax at home or go out for a romantic evening with your spouse, we offer parents a safe, positive, and fun environment for children and their friends to spend Friday evenings. While you're enjoying your time, your child will be joining us for a super fantastic fun time of Karate games, a movie, snacks and an ice cream buffet!

We understand how busy a parent's life can be. The constant running from one place to another; school, daycare, grocery shopping, grandma and grandpa's house, sports teams, or cooking dinner. That is why we provide this opportunity as a night off for you and a fun alternative for your child.

What Are Some Activities At Parents Night Out?
We begin all of our events just like we finish them - with an exciting game! While we play lots of different games, we usually start with "Don't Let the Balloon Touch the Ground". Once everyone has shown up and some energy has been burned off, we give the kids some snacks which could either be popcorn we serve from our popcorn machine, or some chips along with juice boxes. Then we start the movie. Half way through the movie, we pause and have an ice cream buffet! The kids love picking from all of the different toppings we provide. After everyone is done getting their ice cream we start the movie back up and finish it all the way through. After the movie is over we finish the night with another exciting game or two. We usually try to have a game that has to do with the movie such as foam lightsabers for "Star Wars" or a squishy ball "snow ball" fight for "Frozen". It's always a good time at Parents Night Out!

What Is The Best Part Of Parents Night Out?
All of this is just for $10 per child. For $10 you get 2.5 hours of babysitting, fun exercise, a snack, a chance to make new friends, watch a movie, and a ice cream buffet!

Parents Night Out is held once a month. Parents can drop the kids off at the Karate Studio at 6:30pm and pick them up as late as 9:00pm. Ages 4 and up are welcomed to attend the event, even if they are not enrolled in Karate. You do not need to be a member of the school to participate in the Parents Night Out. Children may bring a pillow and a blanket for their comfort.

Upcoming Schedule: 

Friday, January 24th

6:30pm - 9:00pm
$10 per child


The form below must be filled out for each child attending. 
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Children must be 4 years of age to participate in Movie Night.

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If your child(ren) cannot attend Movie Night, you
will receive a credit for a future Movie Night of your choice.

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I, the undersigned parent or person having legal custody/guardianship of the minors shown above acknowledge that there is no existing medical condition, food allergy and/or other condition of importance that is not listed above in the section "Other Info" that will prohibit the mentioned minors above to participate in activities listed in the events announcement. I agree to pay AA Kenpo Karate for reservations I have made in advance. I understand by clicking on the submit button above that I agree to the policies and have filled out this registration form accurately and to the best of my knowledge.
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