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Celebrating an Occasion?
Need an extra activity for a sleep over? Did your child get straight A's on their report card? Throw 'em a Pizza Party!

The children start off with a Karate lesson, learning different stances along with blocks, kicks, and karate chops. After everyone gets worn out a little bit we sit down for some pizza, chips and drinks. During the second half of the party the children learn some of the basics of getting away from bullies and/or strangers while continuing to practice their techniques. We teach in a safe, positive, and extremely fun environment that every kid is sure to enjoy!

Children must be 4 years of age to participate in a pizza party and they do not need to be a member of the school to throw one. Spots fill up quick so email us at aakenpo@gmail.com or call us at 440-572-3113 to book your party today!

What Does a Pizza Party Consist of?
Your Cost = $125
Deposit Required = $62.50 (Non-Refundable)
Each Additional Guest = $10

♦ Up to 15 guests plus the Pizza Party Child
♦ Cheese and/or pepperoni pizza, drinks, and chips for all of the children
♦ One hour of supervised fun
♦ Two exciting and fun Karate lessons for the guests
♦ Complete set up and clean up afterwards
♦ All paper products
♦ Each guest receives 2 FREE weeks of Karate classes

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