Kid's Classes

Little Dragons

Class Times:

Ages 4 - 6

The Little Dragons class teaches respect, self-discipline, and focus.

Although a  large portion of the class is dedicated to Stranger Awareness, we also work on physical agility, karate basics and self-defense. 

Ages 6 - 12

The BBTCI (Black Belt Training Club) is a 45 minute class that teaches confidence and self-defense techniques.

Our primary goal is to teach them to stand up for themselves against physical and mental bullying.

Black Belt Training Club I

Class Times:

Black Belt Training Club II

Class Times:

Ages 6 - 12

The BBTCII (Black Belt Training Club) teaches advanced material to our dedicated students.

Through hard work and dedication these students will earn their Junior Black Belt.

Adult Classes

Kenpo Karate teaches scientific street fighting utilizing rules and principles.

These classes teach our adult students how to defend themselves against every form of attack from punches and kicks to grabs, holds and weapons.

White, Yellow, & Orange Belts

Purple, Blue, & Green Belts

Brown & Black Belts